Getting Social Selling Buy-In Up and Down Your Org Chart

Social selling has moved from being the new, “hot” thing in sales to a truly valuable addition to a salesperson’s utility belt. Valued business publications like the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Forbes and many more have extensively covered the transformation.

If you’re a mid- to senior-level sales leader and are convinced that social selling is the way to go for your enterprise, though, you have a tough mission. You have to convince two audiences: Your already-overworked sales team and your budget-conscious upper management.

You may have even gone as far as making initial investments into social selling training for your sales force. Yet adoption by sales team members may not be as high as you anticipated.

Our ON-DEMAND Webinar can help guide you through the entire process of gaining buy-in for social selling throughout your company… from front-line salespeople to the C-level suite. Topics include:

  • Building the case for social selling
  • Executing social selling activities as part of a rep’s daily/weekly sales activities
  • Establishing & measuring key-performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Reinforcing activity and staying engaged with your reps
  • Proving return-on-investment (ROI) for senior management

Once you’ve viewed this Webinar, you’ll have the tools and data you need to “make the case” for social selling throughout your organization.

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