How to Infuse Your Personality into LinkedIn

With 2017 fast approaching, you’re likely planning for success in the New Year. If your communications on LinkedIn have produced lackluster results this year, or you just want to improve your skills, our next Webinar can help.

Noted author and Chief Executive Officer of Take Flight Learning Merrick Rosenberg knows a thing or two about the different types of personalities in the business world. He has taken the tried-and-true DISC model and breathed new life into it by linking the four types to different types of birds. He then shows you why you click with some and clank with others, and what to do about it.

In this ON-DEMAND Webinar, Merrick and PeopleLinx’s Sally Jo LaMont will address the four personality styles and how to communicate with them on LinkedIn. They’ll also help you to identify your personality, and how to use it with the different types.

Topics will include:

  • Introducing the four types of personalities (eagles, parrots, doves and owls)
  • Adapting your LinkedIn Profile to your personality
  • How to use content sharing and commenting to build relationships with each personality type
  • Adjusting your messaging via LinkedIn to communicate with each type

Merrick Rosenberg, Author | CEO, Take Flight Learning
Sally Jo LaMont, PeopleLinx Social Sales Strategist

If you’d like to learn more about the four personality styles ahead of the Webinar, check out Merrick’s book The Chameleon at Amazon. It is available in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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