by Kevin O'Nell
on June 13, 2016

Introducing Our Trainer Partnership Program

Today we’re introducing our Trainer Partnership Program that enables sales and social selling trainers to deliver their curriculum on a set cadence to their clients through the PeopleLinx platform. The new program gives trainers and sales leaders the ability to reinforce skills, track activity and measure results.

In almost every sales training environment, reps apply only 10-25% of what is taught. Our Training Partnership Program solves this problem. Trainers will be able to utilize PeopleLinx’s platform to serve specific activities to their clients at the right time in the sales process. Our performance model ensures knowledge retention and behavior change through action-based learning, repetition, and integration in a measurable way.

The gamified platform enables the sales team to see, in real-time, how they’re performing against their peers via a leaderboard. Trainers and sales leaders will have visibility into the sales reps’ activities and will be able to track their success through a manager’s dashboard.

We launched our Trainer Partnership Program with Richardson Sales Training and top sales, LinkedIn, and social selling trainers: Kurt ShaverViveka von Rosen, Mario M. Martinez, Jr., Colleen McKenna, Lindsey Stemann, Michael de Groot, Beth Granger, Bob Woods and Ted Prodroumo. PeopleLinx provides a simple, yet comprehensive platform for sales and leadership training organizations to further support their clients and drive success.

“Our clients need a systematic approach to reinforcing our training and developing their social selling skills. They also need to ensure their salespeople are adhering to best practices, are accountable, and are building the right behaviors into their daily sales process. After much review, Intero Advisory decided PeopleLinx is the platform that does this well, all in one place with a simple and inviting user experience. PeopleLinx keeps it simple so salespeople can focus their attention on selling in a social world.”  -Colleen McKenna, CEO Intero Advisory

The PeopleLinx platform doubles learning retention by reinforcing sales rep behaviors with real data measured through your CRM. Our clients have seen an overall uptick in their reps’ social activity, including an average SSI score increase of 20%, LinkedIn activity increase of 30% in 90 days, and an average of 33 clicks on articles shared per user. In addition, they’ve experienced a 20% increase in leads from social a 400% increase in sales qualified leads. On average, there has been a 36% decrease in days to close for deals affected by PeopleLinx with a 27% higher close rate.

Interested parties can learn more about PeopleLinx’s Trainer Partnership Program for sales and social selling trainers by visiting our partnership page.

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.