by Brynne Tillman
on December 7, 2016

A Sneak Peek into the New LinkedIn UX (User Experience)

LinkedIn is an ever changing site, and has had a reputation of being difficult to navigate and challenging to find what you are looking for. Well, rolling out now is a not just a new UX but much improved. It is easy to use, clean, intuitive and sharp looking. It feels like a hybrid of desktop and mobile experience. But there is always a trade-off. Many of our favorite free features have moved to Sales Navigator, but for many it is worth the sacrifice.

Although the new UX is just rolling out now, we are not 100% sure that things will continue to look and act as they do today. So, this is just a sneak peak from our viewing a test account. As thing progress, we will definitely keep everyone up to date.

Here are the prospecting features that LinkedIn has kept free, that any sales or business professional would love:

  1. The ability to use Boolean searches to create a list of very targeted buyers.
  2. Identify who in your network can introduce you to those buyers.
  3. Drill down within a company page to find your stakeholders.
  4. Notifications of new connections within your inbox that allows you to engage easily.
  5. The list of people also viewed when you view a profile which allows you to identify more people.

Here are a few powerful features that have moved to Sales Navigator:

  1. Notes and Tagging
  2. The ability to mine your connections’ connections
  3. Advanced Searches (Lead Builder)
  4. Saved Searches that are updated weekly

Here is what’s gone:

Rich media on your profile. So if you have Slideshares or videos or collateral, looks like you won’t have them there for long. Consider adding them to your Publications or Projects sections before they go away forever. Good news! You can keep (and add) rich media in your Profile. So never mind on this one.

Wanna sneak peek? Here you go!

LinkedIn new user experience 2017

A= The link to up update your profile

B= One place to share your articles, updates, videos and more. You can publish a post from here as well.  

C= Here is your link to “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”

D= The analytics for your updates and posts are here now

New LinkedIn Look 2017

E= My Network is an important tab to explore

F= You will find all your outstanding invitations

G= Find people you may know here as well

Linkedin's new look

H= This is one search bar for all things  

I= Every search will land you here with different tabs to choose from

J= While in People search, the right-hand side column will allow you to drill down based on some basic filters

There are so many changes coming, these are just a few. Stay tuned, we will help you learn and adjust to the new and Sales Navigator!

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