by Brynne Tillman
on March 8, 2017

Seven Ways to Search Engine Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

When using LinkedIn for your sales efforts, being found there for what you do is crucial. Even more important, though, is to be found on Google because of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is among the top five sites that Google heavily indexes; YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter are the others. You can harness that power for your use with effective search-engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Before you begin, make sure you know the keywords and phrases people are using to find your products and services. You can leverage sites and tools like to identify the keywords and phrases people are using in searches. While you don’t want to keyword stuff, you do want to use those words and phrases naturally throughout your LinkedIn content.

Here are seven ways to effectively use SEO and keywords to attract people to your LinkedIn profile via Google (and even other search engines):

Name your headshot, banner, and images. Google searches images pretty heavily, so don’t simply name your headshot with just your name before you upload it to LinkedIn. Instead, include primary keywords or phrases people are using to find your products and services. If you sell payroll services in a specific geographic area, for example, the name of your photo might be “Best Payroll Service in Manhattan.” When someone Googles that phrase, there is a good chance your image will come up in the search. Do the same thing with your banner and other images you upload to LinkedIn. It does take a few weeks for Google to index it, so give it a little time.

Include keywords and phrases in your headline, summary and job description. While you may think this is a no-brainer, I am surprised how many people just have their title and company name in the headline. Make sure your headline, summary and job description talk about the value you bring and that should always include those search terms as well.

Add to your skills section. This section of your profile is highly indexed by Google because it was created for recruiters to find candidates with specific skills. Keep your key skills in the top 3 of the list, as that is how many appear in your profile without having to click on “see more.” Also, add your endorsements by asking your co-workers and network to endorse you.

Use your keywords and phrases in your Pulse posts. Pulse is LinkedIn’s blogging platform. Google loves this section because it ties LinkedIn with content—another aspect that Google loves to index. Label your images and be sure to get the phrases in there. Like for me, “LinkedIn SEO Tips” would be ideal for this post!

Name your images when uploading them to your newsfeed. While this won’t necessarily lead Google searchers to your profile, these images will be found. So tag them with your handle, name and/or logo, and you’ll get the credit.

Name your links in the Contact Information section of your profile. Don’t just keep the default “company website;” choose “Other” from the drop-down and name your link with keywords and phrases.

Leverage the Projects and Publications sections. When you list case studies, collaborative projects, eBooks, white papers and articles in these sections, you also have the opportunity to use keywords and phrases to be found. Use them in the title of the project or publication as well as the description to maximize keyword exposure.

While being passively found isn’t all that matters when it comes to social, it certainly is nice when it happens. Maximize your LinkedIn SEO and get found by the buyers who are looking for your products and services!

This article originally appeared in LinkedIn.

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