by Amaya Capellan
on June 28, 2016

PeopleLinx Product Update: Track your SSI Score, Better Articles Management, & New Report

Checking back in to share some of the newest enhancements to PeopleLinx since our last release.

Track your SSI with PeopleLinx

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) is a great metric for tracking your social selling progress. PeopleLinx now lets users periodically update their SSI score as part of their profile information. Admins will be able to use this metric to track individual and team progress over time by viewing historical scores. This feature will go live July 1st and be available from Settings > Profile.

Better Articles Management

As a PeopleLinx Admin, we know you want to make sure the right content is served up to your employees at the right time. Here’s what we’ve improved to make your job easier!

Improved navigation in the All Articles list: Managing just the RSS articles for the Northeast region? Your Team and Source filters will stay pre-selected as you jump between the list of articles to go in and edit individual articles.
Create & Edit Article updates: We’ve simplified the options to make it easier to choose the right image for your article when you first create it, or even when you want to update it later. Article alerts can now be sent at any time–just edit an article and choose the “Send an Alert” option.
New “Prioritized Until” and “Teams” columns in the All Articles list: You can now review which articles have been flagged as Priority to be included in the next email blast to your users. Just click on “Prioritized Until” column to sort by the date the Article will be prioritized until for email alerts. The Teams column also lets you see the teams that will be able to share the article without clicking in to edit the Article.

New Report!

How do your top thought leaders do it? Our new report will help you hone in on the articles that are making your top sharers so successful.

Engagement by User – Share Breakdown: Want to see what content your top thought leader has shared in the past week? Or gotten the most clicks on? Click on any user’s name from the Engagement by User report to see the detailed stats.

New Report — Engagement (By Share by User)


PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.