by Brynne Tillman
on February 2, 2017

WARNING: You Need to Update Your Summary for the New LinkedIn

As the new LinkedIn UI/UX rolls out, your profile there is undergoing changes without you even knowing it. Now, though, you do.

What’s more, these changes are happening even if you are still on the older version. There are many changes, actually. But your summary is the most significant, so we are recommending everyone make these updates now.

The first two lines of your summary are all that appear on Mobile and the new LinkedIn experience, and the only way your readers will see this is by clicking on that line to open the entire summary to read. Keep in mind, on mobile your first 92 characters will appear; on the desktop, 220 characters show. I recommend that your first line features a call to action that attracts your reader and gets them to want to open up your summary. Mine is: LEARN TOP LINKEDIN STRATEGIES ►.

Brynne Tillman's profile on the New LinkedIn

WARNING: If there is no space after the last word in the first line, there will be no space between the last word and the first word on the next line. Make sure you put spaces or symbols in between to break up the two lines and look at it from both the desktop and mobile views.


The other elements of the summary remain the same:

1. Connect with your reader through the challenges they are facing. When you understand their journey and pain (and show that in your summary), they begin to relate to you. Mine is:

The buyers’ journey has changed. Buyers are now researchers, explorers, self-educators and collaborative decision makers – and it’s significantly impacting the traditional sales process. The Know, Like and Trust mantra is now Attract, Teach and Engage. If you are not breaking through the noise, gaining access to stakeholders and positioning yourself as a thought leader and subject matter expert, your competition will.

2. Add value. Here are three core LinkedIn strategies you can use now:

✔ Convert your LinkedIn profile from a resume to a resource. Provide significant value. Attract, teach and engage in a way that has an immediate impact on the way they think about their business.

✔ Receive targeted introductions from your clients and centers of influence. Before a meeting bring a list of who they are connected to that you want to meet, and invite them do the same.

✔ Be seen as a thought leader and subject matter expert. Write and share content that gets your buyers thinking differently about their current situation, company or industry in a way that gets them begging to talk with you.

3. How you help. Being well trained is important, but only if it’s driving revenue. Through the PeopleLinx guided social selling platform, we teach and reinforce ways to leverage LinkedIn throughout the entire sales process: research, lead generation, appointment setting, nurturing, creating a consensus, closing and referrals. We then reinforce the right activities at the right time to maximize adoption and get measurable results.

4. Call to action. Here’s mine:

If you are in need of leveraging LinkedIn for sales I invite you to have a conversation. Whether or not we decide to do business together, I am confident that our call will be full of insights and actionable steps that can help you grow your business. Here is a link to my calendar; please pick a time that works best for you.

5. Contact information. Here’s how I list it:

215.499.0499 |

(Please note that your links won’t be hyperlinked in your summary, like I’ve done here. But they can be easily copied-and-pasted by your prospects.)

Make sure you look at your summary on the desktop and mobile as well as from a multitude of browsers so you can see how it appears to your readers.

This article was originally published at LinkedIn.

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