by Brynne Tillman
on April 12, 2017

LinkedIn Connections: Welcome the New Ones the Right Way

When you receive invitations from new LinkedIn connections, connecting with and then ignoring them can be seen as impolite. It’s like someone handing you their business card at a networking event and then immediately walking away. Not even a “Hello, nice to meet you.” You wouldn’t do that in person, so why would you do that on LinkedIn?

These potential LinkedIn connections reach out to you, right? Welcome them to your network and find out if it makes sense to build a stronger connection. Before you write your note, make sure you check to see if they had a personal message. If you didn’t notice one, visit your messaging tab and look up their name. If they sent a personal note, it will be here. Now when you write your “welcome to my network” note, be sure you relate back to their original message so they know that you took the time to read it.

Welcome Your New LinkedIn Connections Warmly

If the person in question is an ideal stakeholder, buyer, or another type of strong connection, here’s an example of what you can send:


Thanks so much for reaching out and connecting, happy to add you to my network. I am curious, may I ask how you found me?

I had a chance to visit your profile and am very impressed with XXX (make this authentic). As a TITLE, I thought you might be interested in a blog post I published a few months ago on [XXX (LINK)]. [THIS IS WHY I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.]

Let me know your thoughts.


If you get no response in a few days you can send either a second message. Remember the messaging is now in a thread, so they will see your previous message.


I hope you enjoyed the article I sent last week. I wanted to share [AN ADDITIONAL INSIGHT THAT WILL OFFER THEM VALUE AND GIVE YOU CREDIBILITY]. I have some additional insights I think you may find valuable. If you are open, I’d love to set up a brief call to share them with you. Whether or not we do business together, I am confident a call will be well worth your time. I have some time on Thursday afternoon, let me know what works best for you. (Alternatively — To make scheduling easy, here is a link to my calendar [ is a great service for this]; please pick a time that works best for you.

I’d also suggest that you read the content they have both shared and engaged with on both LinkedIn and Twitter to further personalize this follow-up message.

On the flip side, a person who accepts your LinkedIn connection invitation will appear as an unread message if you included a personal note. (You do personalize your requests, right?) Be sure to continue the conversation, and ask for a phone call if appropriate.

If you don’t engage with your connections, you might as well grab your connections from the Yellow Pages… that is, if they still print them. It’s very important to spark conversations with your new connections.

Hope this helps! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn as well.

A version of this article originally appeared on LinkedIn.

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