by Euney Kim
on March 8, 2016

Our Interview on Social Selling and Exciting New PeopleLinx Developments

It’s official: Social selling is the real deal. Experts in the industry agree that social selling is necessary to turn average sales reps into top performers. In fact, research shows that salespeople using social in their process are 51% more likely to hit quota. But for social selling to be successful, it requires a balance of technology and individualized guidance at the rep-level.

We’re excited to share that technology news site SuperbCrew caught up with PeopleLinx CEO Kevin O’Nell for an exclusive interview on how PeopleLinx is offering the most comprehensive solution for social selling. Check it out below:

Q: Last year when we caught up your main focus was social selling, in what direction did that lead you in the past 12 months?

A: Social selling has definitely evolved since last year and it continues to evolve today. As we worked closely with our growing client base, we knew the next step was to create a product that allows sales teams to integrate social selling throughout each step of the funnel, rather than just at the top of it. PeopleLinx today is focused on helping top-performing sales teams drive business through individualized social guidance.

With the value of data in mind, we also integrated our platform with top CRM providers, enabling enterprise sales teams to sync their existing pipeline data with the PeopleLinx product to magnify their message throughout the entire sales process.

Brand amplification and social selling remain key features of our product, but our enhanced ability to guide sales reps to take the right actions at all stages of the sales funnel has made PeopleLinx an integral facet of any successful enterprise sales process.

Q: What does your product look like now compared to last year?

A: Our product has improved in many ways. Recognizing that social selling requires more than technology, we implemented a proprietary learning and training methodology. The platform seamlessly blends technology and services to deliver individualized guidance at the enterprise level. Behaviors are reinforced over time, resulting in stronger sales outcomes.

The framework of the PeopleLinx methodology is centered around three key concepts: Prepare, Engage, and Advance. We’ve created a user-friendly, card-based experience that helps salespeople prepare to use social, engage buyers, and advance deals. We’ve also improved gamification features of the product. Users scale through social selling competency levels from Beginner to Master, earning points and badges along the way.

At its core, the product approach is focused on the integration of best behaviors throughout all stages of the sales process.


Q: Are there any challenges you had to face in the past year, how did you overcome them?

A: Our biggest challenge is always staying up-to-date with the fast-paced environment of the sales industry. As more and more people have realized the value in social selling, it has simultaneously transformed rapidly. Client expectations change, user behaviors change, and the social networks on which social selling occurs change.

We’ve worked to overcome this challenge by working closely with all three groups. By listening to feedback and understanding their business goals and challenges, we are able to tailor PeopleLinx to address these opportunities.

Q: What are your plans for this year?

A: As we grow, PeopleLinx aims to consistently provide value as a top sales enablement technology to teams across the globe. This year PeopleLinx will focus on communicating to enterprise sales teams the influence of guided selling across the entire organization. While many B2B enterprise companies are rolling out social selling initiatives in parts, guided selling is most effective when leveraged by the entire team.

Other focuses for the year include developing our award-winning product. PeopleLinx updates will come in the form of improved training methodologies on the platform, increasing integrations with data and CRM sources and overall product development.

This interview was conducted and published by SuperbCrew.

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