by Kevin O'Nell
on December 13, 2016

G2 Crowd: Yelp for Software

Most everyone nowadays knows about Yelp, and what it does: mainly, provides user-generated reviews of everything from restaurants to doctors, from retail stores to plumbers, and so on.

You might think that a Yelp-like service more specific and specialized, like user ratings and reviews of software specific to running a business, wouldn’t be available.

Well, a site exists that does just that: G2 Crowd. Billing itself as the “world’s largest business software review platform,” has within its database more than 100,000 user reviews in very diverse categories, including customer relationship management (CRM), team collaboration, data warehousing and application development. All in all, the number of categories G2 Crowd can be described as dizzying—check it out for yourself.

More than a half-million people monthly, including technology buyers, investors and analysts use the site to compare and select the best software based on peer reviews and synthesized social data.

What makes G2 Crowd different from its business-to-consumer (B2c) cousins like Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc., though, is its Grid Scoring methodology.

The company’s patent-pending algorithm scores both products and vendors based on reviews gathered from its user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. G2 Crowd then presents its findings in what it calls its G2 Crowd Grid, which compares vendors in the myriad of categories it covers. All of its data is displayed in real time, too.

If you are searching for a software solution for your business, G2 Crowd is probably the first place you should go in your research. The site also features an “assistant” that uses criteria you enter into it (company size, your industry, preferred price, etc.) to help you find your desired software solution.

Speaking of Yelp for software, PeopleLinx is featured in G2 Crowd. In fact, we have a 4.6 average rating (out of 5 stars) in the Sales Operations / Sales Effectiveness category, with all submitted reviews being either 4 or 5 stars. Our platform and training services score well in satisfaction and market presence, and attract what G2 Crowd calls “high performers.”

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