Personalized recommendations that coach every rep to play like a top performer

Personalized recommendations that coach every rep to play like a top performer

PeopleLinx allows enterprise sales organizations to coach reps at scale.

Brand and employee advocacy where it matters most

PeopleLinx Share™ supports a scalable brand advocacy program with your sales team – the employees who have the greatest impact on growing your top line.

Sales reps as your thought leaders

Meet self-educating buyers where they are. Supply reps with company-approved content to share across social networks and directly to prospects via email.

Consistent branding and positioning on social

Provide guidance at scale on creating a compelling professional presence on social that represents the personal and corporate brand of each sales rep.

Identify thought leaders and high-value content

Pinpoint your top employees and top content with powerful analytics that help you understand who and what your most valuable assets are.

Social lead gen

With strengthened social networks and consistent social activity, your reps will drive leads with your company-owned and approved content.

A virtual sales coach for all your rep's deals

PeopleLinx Advance™ suggests the most effective actions a salesperson can take to focus on the best opportunities and advance their deals to successful close.

Buyer engagement at the right place...

Guide reps to engage their buyers across social networks, traditional sales communications channels, and sales research tools. We support LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, Email, Calls, Google Alerts, and much more.

...and the right time.

Customize the desired cadence a rep should follow at every stage in your funnel including tactics to get stalled deals moving again. Real time Twitter alerts let you like or chime in on relevant tweets from a buyer or customer, with no setup required.

Data-driven actions

Sync with your CRM to understand the context of your rep's deals: accounts, buyers, deal stage, and recent deal or buyer activity or lack of activity. PeopleLinx uses your data to provide timely and data-driven coaching for reps to close deals faster.

Maximize the return from all your sales tools

Take advantage of tools you've invested in and make them a part of your sales team's routine. Get all your reps tagging leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator or sending Email Pitches on ClearSlide as a follow up to every call.

Integrated with some of today's top sales technologies:

Measure the impact of PeopleLinx across your funnel

When paired with the power of your CRM data, PeopleLinx can track the impact of all rep activity across the funnel. Get the insights and results you're looking for, not a data-dump of stats.

Comprehensive ROI

PeopleLinx delivers stats that have an impact:

  • Increased brand amplification reach via rep social shares
  • New leads generated by strengthened and active rep networks
  • Acceleration of deal cycles with personalized deal Recommendations
  • Increased close rate and deal value with continued rep activity on PeopleLinx

Top performers

Identify the reps who have the greatest impact with their actions on PeopleLinx. Which reps have reduced the days to close a deal by consistently engaging buyers on social? Who are my thought leaders that have the highest average clicks every time they share content to a social network? Our clear insight-driven dashboards answer your most important questions.

Top recommendations and articles

Identify the actions that matter most for rep performance: which actions consistently boost deal performance? What article topics get the best response from rep networks?

Scalable training and skills reinforcement

Real training happens on the job and PeopleLinx Prepare™ delivers learning content on-demand to users where and when they need it.

Bite-sized learning, on-demand

Sales reps complete self-contained action cards and master a new social selling skill in 3 minutes or less. Employees have the option to complete cards at their own speed, or at the cadence suggested by the app.

Consistent branding and positioning on social

PeopleLinx Prepare™ employs a learn-by-doing approach: each learning task builds skills through the execution of a relevant activity. PeopleLinx Stay Engaged™ triggers the continued reinforcement of those skills through the use of best practices and personalized data tailored to the learner.

PeopleLinx Course Packs, customizable for your organization

PeopleLinx Prepare™ cards are fully configurable. Start with our course templates and adapt them to your organization’s needs. Customize content, remove cards, or add cards as you go to keep the program fresh. Our Learning Designers can also build custom curriculum from scratch.

Live training

PeopleLinx offers live Social Selling training virtually via webinars, one-on-one sessions, or in person with onsite sessions. See more on our Training page (coming soon).

Features & Services

Simple Card-Based UI
Personalized Email Alerts
Reporting & Analytics
Mobile App
Native Salesforce App
Single Sign On (SSO)
Data Integrations
Salesforce, ClearSlide, and more coming soon!
Dedicated Account Manager
1:1 Trainings
Webinars On-Demand
In-App Chat Support
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