by Nathan Egan
on November 2, 2010

Blog about this… your company better get LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is changing the way the world does business: FACT.

This week specifically, LinkedIn made a critical change to the platform that requires the attention of any company on the platform – call it a Re-Launch of Company Pages, because it might as

well be.

Now your company can, for free, add it’s products & services to the site. The granular features let you:

  • Associate points/people of contact (on LinkedIn) for those products/services
  • Embed existing marketing materials – images, videos, websites to the page
  • Share your products and services across the LinkedIn network
  • Promote them with paid features (affordable ads)
  • Update your companies followers with new products and services
  • Get public recommendations from credible professionals on your products and services – which in turn, updates their network with the endorsement.
  • Go back and edit them at any time

So blog about that, because it’s worth sharing – Or better, blog about your company’s new additions to their company page.

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