by Mic Adam
on May 11, 2016

Why Twitter is a Must for Social Selling

Most salespeople still shy away from Twitter because they do not see the point or value but rest assured Twitter is the shortest way to find great content and shortest communication line with your clients and prospects.

Great content

Your clients and prospects are probably on Twitter. They share information that you could use to start conversations.  Make sure you have good content to start that conversation.

Twitter for Social Selling

And here is the great news! There are many people sharing a lot of good information on Twitter which should make it your first stop to tank up on content. Your clients and prospects are not waiting for the next commercial message from you but love to hear and see how others are solving similar problems they have (and yes, you have a solution for that).

So why not hunt for that content that can help you position yourself as the content curator and become your prospects’ “trusted” advisor? Once you get to this position, the door will open and you can move on in the buying/sales cycle to shine with your sales talent.

I have found that using IFTTT together with Google Drive helps me curate content on specific topics (e.g. employee advocacy to name one). The script collects all the tweets about this topic and merges it into one spreadsheet for easy scanning. I can pick and choose what content I want to use to position myself as the trusted advisor.

Short communication line


Unlike email, where most CxO’s are shielded by a gatekeeper, Twitter is the one tool that gives you direct access to the person (possibly on a mobile device). Sharing information with these people now has become even easier and more direct. But please stay away from DM’s and work your way into the prospects radar by sharing and liking their posts. Once you are on the radar, you can share the curated content from above to work your way to the “trusted” advisor seat. So the circle is round!

What are you waiting for to get started on Twitter?

Twitter is a great addition to LinkedIn to get on the radar of your clients and prospects. You do not need to spend hours on Twitter to be successful because automation can really help you limit the time needed to get results. Try it for a month and let me know what you have achieved over that month.

Mic Adam is Belgian social media consultant with a focus on social media policy, social selling and social media training.  Follow him on Twitter (

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