by Nathan Egan
on May 31, 2011

What Happens on the Web Stays on the Web

And just about everything happens on the web these days… you could even make the argument that if it didn’t happen online, it didn’t happen at all.

I remember in 6th grade when we made a time capsule. It was a big deal and the idea of giving future generations a glimpse into what our lives were like in 1986 was going to be “so cool”.

Is this even necessary any more? Has the world-wide-web become the ultimate time capsule? Just about everything we do these days is stored, archived, indexed, mirrored, and in multiple secure data-bases across the globe… every communication, purchase, view, cookie, “like”, picture, video, blog post.

So much of our lives is on-line now, it’s scary – if you don’t think wiki-leaks has implications for your personal live – think again!

I don’t even think we realize what an impact all of this connectivity is having… are we reaching a tipping point in the evolution of man-kind?

What is going to happen when everything is truly connected? Is this the singularity movement? Will technology heal us or destroy us?

What will life be like in 5, 10, or 15 years? Where is the line between privacy and being human? I am no scientist but I believe that great change is upon us and we as human beings can’t fully comprehend what this is really going to be like.

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