by Michael Idinopulos
on May 22, 2013

What does social business wear to work?

That’s the question PeopleLinx CEO Nathan Egan asked me over lunch today. At first glance it’s a silly question but it gets interesting when you really try to answer it.


hipster 3

We all know what traditional business wears to work: coat and tie, maybe slacks on Fridays. Pant suits for the women, and pearls for that big presentation.

We know what social media wears. We’ve all seen the retro hipsters decked out in roaring-20s elegance they got at consignment stores. The tattoos still weird me out, but I guess I’m just old.

But what about social business? “Business casual” is an easy answer, but that’s a cop-out.

No one knows what business casual is, and besides it conjures up unpleasant memories of heavily pleated cotton Dockers.

In my mind, social business is a little bit boardroom and a little bit rock-and-roll. It wears jeans and a dark sports coat. French cuffs for the gents, sleek boots for the ladies.

What’s your vision of social businesswear? Pictures encouraged…just keep ’em clean.

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