by Josh Druck
on February 26, 2013

Welcome Aboard! Matt Schwartz and Katelyn Ares Join PeopleLinx

PeopleLinx is expanding rapidly in Philadelphia and we’re excited to welcome two talented professionals to the team: Matt Schwartz and Katelyn Ares.  As Head of Design, Matt will be responsible for leading and executing the company’s design vision across marketing, product, and sales. Katelyn is an Account Executive who will be fostering relationships with prospective and existing clients, conducting product demonstrations, and advising companies on how to implement and optimize social business solutions to meet their goals.

Matt joins PeopleLinx from Ecount, (which was acquired by Citi) where he led web and print design for product, sales, marketing, and client delivery in North America, Latin America, EMEA and APAC while working with blue chip clients such as Google, Microsoft, Comcast, Verizon, and Samsung. Katelyn comes from the Bowdoin Group, where she was a sales and recruiting consultant for some of the company’s largest and most strategic clients in their fastest growing division, Technology Solutions.

I had a chance to sit down with Matt and Katelyn to get their thoughts on joining the PeopleLinx team.

Q&A with Matt Schwartz and Katelyn Ares

Why did you join the PeopleLinx team?

Matt: Nathan and Patrick are ridiculously smart. I knew it immediately after meeting them and I wanted in. They have a vision and a product with so much potential I had to be a part of it. They’re continuing to build a team of industry geniuses, nourish an awesome culture, and Patrick even has jokes that are (sometimes) funny.

Katelyn: The product and the people. When I first learned about PeopleLinx and the product offering, I thought “this is GENIUS!” I couldn’t imagine working without LinkedIn and PeopleLinx takes that to a whole new level. The team’s passion and vision is magnetic. I believe in surrounding myself with people who are smarter and more experienced than I am, but who I’d also have fun working with.

Why is social business important?

Matt: Organizations need to realize their employees’ presence on social networks offers an endless amount of opportunity to improve their business. Focusing on leveraging those communities and connections can help an organization recruit top talent, drive revenue, boost their brand, and strengthen the customer relationships.

Katelyn: As someone who grew up in college during the global Facebook adoption, I put my social life online. As I transferred into the business world during the LinkedIn adoption, I built my business online. Now, the use of social business is not only growing, it’s essential for success. I think that it is critical for companies to recognize that the way the world does business is changing. The first step is to acknowledge the opportunity; the second is to leverage it. PeopleLinx helps them do both.

What do you hope to accomplish at PeopleLinx?

Matt: Hundreds of things, but creating the most intuitive SBO software application that Fortune 500 companies are clamoring for and making PeopleLinx look awesome are definitely a priority. Oh, and I’m going to make my mom proud.

Katelyn: I want to look back a year from now, see how much PeopleLinx has grown, and be very proud to have contributed to that.

When you’re not at work, what do you do for fun?

Matt: I really love hanging out with my wife and son, relaxing, and bragging about my awesome job at PeopleLinx. You can often find me drinking the Kool-Aid at Crossfit, relaxing at the beach (not the shore) in the summer and reading nerdy design sites like and I also get into TV shows; right now I’m all about Homeland, Justified, and The Following.

Katelyn: I love to cook and am a foodie at heart. Whether I’m cooking a four-course meal for friends, making my mom’s famous tiramisu (my favorite dessert), or just cooking a weekly dinner for my boyfriend, I’m in my comfort zone. It’s almost therapeutic. I also love to try new restaurants. With moving to Philadelphia recently, I’m excited to have a whole new city of food adventures to explore! After all the cooking (and eating), I complement my passion for food with my love of yoga, hot power yoga specifically. I’m not able to twist myself into a pretzel (just yet, anyway), but there’s something about the balance and strength you build in yoga that is beautiful to me and something that I can’t get enough of. Sweating out that four-course meal in a 100-degree room doesn’t hurt either!

To learn more about Matt and Katelyn, check out their LinkedIn profiles and follow them on Twitter.

Matt Schwartz: LinkedIn / Twitter

Katelyn Ares: LinkedIn / Twitter

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