by Amaya Capellan
on August 23, 2016

Unlock Twitter Analytics to Improve Your Tweet Reach

Twitter is often overlooked in terms of being a platform for salespeople. It has changed the game of Social Selling without getting nearly as much press for this topic as has LinkedIn.

To that end, Twitter has an extremely powerful and underutilized analytics tool that can help you optimize your Twitter strategy.

Here are the four best Twitter Analytics data points that can both help you improve your Twitter presence and increase sales:

1. Tweet activity – This tool allows you to see how your Tweets are performing. You can use this data to increase your social presence. Tweets with low retweet rates, but high like rates may indicate that your content is interesting but not worth sharing. With these statistics, you can tailor your Tweets to be both intriguing and valuable.

a. From the home page click Tweets on the toolbar at the top of the page:Tweets Tab

b. Look at the right side of the page and scroll down to view Tweet Engagements:


c. View the amount of people that viewed, liked, retweeted, etc. your Tweets per day.

2. Engagement rate = # of interactions / # of impressions. The ability to track engagement rate will let you know if the people who saw your Tweet wanted to do anything with it; they could have liked, retweeted, replied, followed, etc.

a. From the home page click Tweets on the toolbar at the top of the page:Tweets Tab

b. Tweets on this page are automatically sorted according to date. In order to organize them by different means, simply click one of the following options: Options Tab

In other words Tweets = ALL, Top Tweets = MOST POPULAR, Tweets and replies =  TWEETS & RESPONSES, and Promoted = PAID TWEETS.

3. Interests This data is vital because it allows you to know if you are capturing your intended audience with your Tweets. If your Tweets are not capturing your intended audience, you can shift your focus to pleasing those followers that you learned are responsive to your content, by their interests. This will allow you to reach people who love your content and not those that aren’t interested or think you are delivering the wrong Tweets.

a. To see this data, from the home page, click Audience on the toolbar at the top of the page: Audience Tab

b. From this page scroll down until you see Interests: Interests


If you love this idea, please look at the rest of the page and see if the other audience statistics can give you additional insight.

4. Data export – This feature enables you to download data about Tweet text, time, impressions, engagements, engagement rate, retweets, replies, likes, user profile clicks, URL clicks, hashtag clicks, etc.

Exporting data will allow you to dig deeper into your metrics and analyze your performance ways Twitter doesn’t allow you to do on the website.

You can compare your data to the public data of other accounts by viewing likes and retweets for their content, but you will only be able to download yours.

a. From the home page click Tweets on the toolbar at the top of the page:Tweets Tab

b. Click on the date range for the data you wish to download:

c. Click Export data:

Competition leads to innovation. You should look at popular Twitter accounts that capture your intended audience in hopes of gaining their supporters. Finding these accounts and studying their Tweets will help you enhance your content and will encourage your followers to share and engage with your content more in the future.

Note: Twitter Analytics may not work if your account is newer than two weeks or in violation of Twitter’s policies.

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