by Josh Druck
on March 28, 2014

LinkedIn and PeopleLinx: Two Great Scores that Go Great Together

LinkedIn is releasing tools which assign scores to brands based on their content

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marketing efforts.

It’s a cool new feature, and very different from the PeopleLinx scoring tool. Put the two together, and you’ll get an excellent read on your company’s social marketing effectiveness.

LinkedIn Score: Optimize Content Effectiveness

LinkedIn’s scoring tool calculates a single score based on all the content posted by your company: sponsored updates, company pages, LinkedIn groups, employee updates, and influencer posts to generate a single score. It’s a great dashboard metric that helps you determine, at an aggregate level, how your content is performing on LinkedIn. LinkedIn measures content performance by social interactions divided by total audience. The new Trending Content feature helps you identify which content and topics are popular with your target audiences. It’s a fantastic tool to help you tailor your content marketing to themes and topics which will generate engagement with your target audience(s).

PeopleLinx Score: Optimize Employee Effectiveness

Whereas LinkedIn’s content metrics focus on the performance of your content, the PeopleLinx score is all about your employees. How are their actions on social helping or hurting your brand? How relevant are their networks? Who is driving real engagement? First and foremost, PeopleLinx is a tool for organizational transformation. We help companies empower and manage employee use of social networks. In order to do that, it’s not enough to have aggregate metrics on how your content is performing. You also need to know how your people are performing as individual content marketers. Content metrics are important, and it’s great that LinkedIn is introducing them. But in the world of social, they only tell part of the story. PeopleLinx’s focus on scoring individuals reflects our fundamental commitment to “help employees be social marketers.” We advance our clients’ marketing mission by empowering their employees.

Two Great Scores that Go Great Together

Put the LinkedIn and PeopleLinx scores together, and you’ve got a really powerful combination. You can monitor and tune your content for effectiveness (LinkedIn score) and empower your employees to distribute it effectively (PeopleLinx score). That’s a seriously powerful combination!

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.