by Nathan Egan
on October 19, 2010

Should my sales managers be on Twitter?

“Should my sales managers be on Twitter?” We get this question a lot and the answer is: “Probably not”… meaning, they probably shouldn’t be “tweeting”.

On the other hand, if the question is: “Should my sales managers be on Twitter sourcing leads and business intelligence about their prospects, clients, and partners… all in real-time?”

Then the answer is: “probably DEFINITELY!”

Consider a Twitter strategy that is more aligned to content “harvesting” rather than content creation and distribution. This strategy is easy to execute, can be automated into current business development workflows, and will create tremendously more value (ROI) than the act of tweeting itself.

Here is a quick 3-step roadmap to you or your team started:

  1. Choose a professional Twitter handle name (whether you Tweet or not this will become part of your personal online brand – and will also be associated with the company you work for)
  2. Search for and follow 20-30 companies you want to do business with (don’t follow too many – you want to keep your twiver of information highly targeted)
  3. Integrate Twitter with your LinkedIn account so it shows up on your “homepage” (this will give you one-stop shopping for business intelligence – a social media dashboard of sorts)

We believe that using Twitter (and other social technologies) for lead generation and business

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intelligence is an extremely powerful (and free) way for B2B sales reps to hit their quotas. What do you think?

Comic Credit: Eric & Bill

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