by Josh Druck
on December 12, 2013

America’s Top 20 Financial Advisors on LinkedIn

Financial advisors are embracing LinkedIn at an astonishing rate. According to a recent study by FTI Consulting and LinkedIn, roughly two-thirds of financial advisors are using LinkedIn for business.

PeopleLinx wanted to see how the best financial advisors are doing it. We went through Barron’s list of the top financial advisors, and calculated for each advisor a “PeopleLinx Score” that measures their effectiveness in marketing themselves and their firms on LinkedIn.

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Here are our winners:

Rank Name Company PeopleLinx Score
1 Ron Carson Carson Wealth Management 100
2 Paul Pagnato High Tower 100
3 Steve Lockshin Convergent Wealth Advisors 93
4 Martin Bicknell Mariner Holdings/Mariner Wealth Advisors 93
5 Mark Douglass Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management 93
6 Phil Shaffer Graystone Consulting 93
7 Theresa Chacopulos Wells Fargo Advisors 88
8 Louis Paster UBS Financial Services 86
9 Dan Murphy Morgan Stanley 81
10 Robert Sechan II UBS Private Wealth Management 79
11 Jeff Erdmann Merrill Lynch – Private Banking & Investment Group 78
12 Gregory Vaughan Morgan Stanely Private Wealth Management 74
13 Richard Saperstein High Tower 74
14 Mark Curtis Graystone Consulting 74
15 Roger Coleman Morgan Stanley 74
16 Drew Zager Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management 74
17 Robert Waldele Merrill Lynch 69
18 James Atwood Merrill Lynch – Private Banking & Investment Group 69
19 Elaine Meyers Credit Suisse Securities 69
20 Andy Chase Morgan Stanely Private Wealth Management 68


What made these financial advisors so effective on LinkedIn? Here’s some of what we found:

Greg Vaughan LinkedIn Profile

The Basics: Your LinkedIn profile image should accurately reflect who you are as a professional. When most browsers are searching profiles the picture is one of the first things they see. Morgan Stanley’s Greg Vaughan has a great picture – professional yet approachable. One of the easiest ways to get noticed and be found is to optimize your headline. Be descriptive and add relevant search terms. This improves your searchability and overall likelihood that people who are seeking you out, will actually be able to find you.

Martin Bicknell on LinkedIn

Detailed Company Description: Keyword loaded, specific, established credibility through lists, Marty Bicknell from Mariner Holdings shows us some high profile clients, partners and verticals. Some insight into career growth and professional accomplishments, share your responsibilities and give people a glimpse into your roles and strategic alliances that set you apart from the competition. Notice the title “Chief Executive Officer” rather than CEO. One search term (CEO) becomes three.

Ron Carson on LinkedIn

Full Service Summary Section: Websites included, detailed and informational, Ron Carson of Carson Wealth Management shows how it’s done. In a LinkedIn summary be sure and provide relevant experience. This is an opportunity to go in-depth and engage viewers with examples of employment background while you tell a story. With the highest character count available in a LinkedIn profile, maximize space and list additional places people can find you online.

Linkedin Video Media Richard Saperstein

Media: Videos, publications and projects are a great way to add engaging content to a LinkedIn profile and showcase press and in Richard Saperstein’s case, guest appearances on TV. Integrated profile applications are another

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great way to mix up content and enhance the overall look and feel of a LinkedIn profile. Achievements and accomplishments establish credibility and showcase milestones in a professional’s career. Industry thought leaders are held in high regard. Honors and awards show that others are recognizing your talents. It’s not what you say about yourself, but what others say about you that really matters.

LinkedIn Groups

Join Groups: Improve network connectivity by leveraging LinkedIn groups. By being a part of a group you are able to bypass the need to be a first-degree connection with someone in order to contact them. LinkedIn groups are a great way to form relationships and connect with like-minded professionals. There are over 1.3 million groups on LinkedIn to choose from. Steven Lockshin has chosen groups of interest to him where he can contribute to the conversations and lend his expertise to relevant discussions.




Mark Curtis LinkedIn Profile

Custom URL’s & Links: Make your profile look more professional and personalized like Mark Curtis does. You become easier to find and easier to share by claiming your LinkedIn URL. You can do this here. Provide links to your websites and blogs. Each profile is allowed three website links and can be customized to whatever text you want to display. In addition, this section should include other social site links, such as Twitter and any other contact information you wish to make available.

You can optimize your LinkedIn profile for key search terms by adding them to various sections of your profile. When potential clients browse, they search certain industry-specific keywords. These term placements will help you appear in those search results, strengthening online branding, attracting new business and qualified opportunities.

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