by Nathan Egan
on October 6, 2010

“TMI” – Now available on the web!

Remember the last time you got a little too much information from someone? Well that same dosage of TMI is now available on the web, on steroids, 24/7 and no platform is safe – not

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even LinkedIn any more, and if your guilty, you are not doing yourself any favors…

Some quick examples of TMI on the web:

  • You update or tweet way, way, way TOO much
  • You tweet too much AND you integrated all of it with your LinkedIn account
  • You are a LION and your LinkedIn page would require a full ream of paper to print it out
  • You are guilty of VagueBooking (vague status updates on Facebook that are designed to make people ask you questions, i.e. “Worst day ever!!”

Some tips for preventing TMI:

Actually, forget TMI and start thinking about your personal brand. There are thousands of personal branding articles and resources on the web – before you start digging through them, just ask yourself:

  • What is the message I’m trying to send?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • Does my online presence align with my real world objectives? (a promotion, selling your products, increasing brand awareness, etc. etc.)

Do you (yes YOU) have a personal social media strategy? Do you have a REAL world strategy? They should be one and the same.

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