by Kevin O'Nell
on February 25, 2016

Social Selling: The Next Big Thing in Digital

Let’s face it. The buyer’s journey has evolved with the information age. With more content and communication channels available than ever before, B2B customers have taken matters into their own hands and rendered old school sales methods virtually obsolete.

Next week, I’ll be on stage at Internet World speaking more about the impact of social on sales alongside LinkedIn and two of PeopleLinx’s own clients Brendan McErlain of Red Hat and Oliver Bauer of Allianz.

Before you can even pick up the phone to commit a cold call crime, buyers are online researching your company, and more importantly, the competition. When, and if, you connect with a prospect, you need to be armed with relevant insight that provides value beyond the traditional sales pitch. Today’s sales professionals must be more than a product pitch. They must be thought leaders.

The solution? Enter social selling.

Social selling is the practice of unlocking your networks on social as an additional channel to establish yourself as an industry expert, reach buyers and decision-makers, prospect, and nurture. If your buyers are online, you should be too.

Historically, buyers only learned about their options because companies pushed information at them. Sales organizations could blindly dial and pitch without fear that they wouldn’t hold power over their prospect. But today, you should care about your presence online because it’s the place where buyers are most likely to get genuine, unfiltered information. If you can leverage your networks to send curated content to prospects, connect with them based on their business challenges and provide solutions to problems they don’t even know they have, you’ll have the upper hand over competitors.

Social selling, while still a relatively new concept, is the future of sales. Eventually, social selling will just be selling. But don’t wait. Leverage the networks in front of you now to accelerate your book of business.


PeopleLinx has helped 100+ enterprise sales teams drive business by delivering timely, relevant recommendations and content on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. For more information, contact us for a live demo. We’d love to show how we can help you achieve your goals!

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