by Josh Druck
on July 24, 2014

Social Selling Survey — We Asked, You Answered

We’re always interested in how enterprises view social selling. So following a recent PeopleLinx webinar, we surveyed participants on the benefits and challenges of social selling. Here’s what you told us:

You expect Social Selling to increase over the next year.

Over 2/3 of you report that “some” of your sales teams are currently utilizing social selling tactics, and you expect most of them to use social selling within the next 12 months.

Social Selling benefits the top of the funnel.

57% of you said that building brand awareness is a main benefit of social selling and 43% pointed to lead generation.

The why and the how are both challenges.

Training, and buy-in are seen as the biggest challenges to the deployment of social selling. Perceived value and company culture are also popular challenges for sales managers, who fear that it’s difficult to integrate social into the existing selling processes.

Want to see the details? Check out the data for yourself.

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