by Josh Druck
on April 6, 2015

Social Selling Owners Manual: Why Social is More Than Just Having a Profile

Social networks are like owning a car.

When you’re 16 it’s cool just to be seen in one.

But as you get older, you begin to realize that car ownership is only as valuable as the investment you put into it. It loses its coolness pretty fast without the proper maintenance, time, practice, and devotion it takes to make it fire on all cylinders.

To truly make the most of your social media presence, you need to strategize what direction you’re going, how you’re going to fill the content engine, keep it up-to-date, and which tools will help you do what you came to do: drive sales.


While some people may drive to just experience the open road, you should be using your online networks to drive towards results. Always focus on where you’re going, and how you will know when you’ve gotten there. That’s right, we’re talking about metrics.

Your destinations could include sharing three pieces of relevant content a week, or retweeting a potential client every day. Whatever your destination may be, developing them will focus your social selling efforts teamwide.

Fuel Up

Just like you can’t drive a car without fuel, your social media profiles won’t take you anywhere without content. Your Twitter and Linkedin profiles won’t run on fumes.

The best way to encourage your sales team to constantly re-fuel is to make sure content is high-quality and easy to find.

You should be curating content for your team. Curating content is more than just making sure your team distributes relevant, targeted information that aligns with your company’s value proposition (although that’s a pretty nice plus). When you curate approved content for your team, you let them focus on where they’re going as opposed to how they’re going to get there.

Check Ups and Oil Changes

Cars don’t last forever. And even if you have your direction in mind, and the fuel to keep you going, cars need an extra level of maintenance to ensure optimal performance. It’s important to do regularly scheduled checkups on your social media profiles, and keep the engine running smoothly.

Here are 3 things to look for when checking on your social networks:

  • Up-to-date: Every car in your company’s fleet needs to be up-to-date. When a prospective client clicks on a sales rep’s profile (whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+, there’s nothing worse than seeing an out-dated headline of the company they used to work for (and, yes, we see this all the time). LinkedIn is your 24/7 business card, make sure everyone’s profile accurately reflects their position, responsibilities, and – of course – current employer.
  • Connections: Social’s real power lies in the strength of your network. Your employees (especially your sales teams) lose out when they are not connecting to the right people online (current clients, prospects and other employees at your company). While this is especially true for LinkedIn, it’s true for Twitter as well.
  • Fresh and clean: Sometimes it’s hard to keep your social presence professional, and every once in a while an unfortunate photo or tweet might slip through the cracks. Make sure your employees are on the lookout for inappropriate content that keeps their profiles from being spit-shined and spotless.

Customize Your Ride

In order to really optimize your performance while driving, it’s important to invest in your engine, battery, and fuel efficiency. Your social accounts are just the same. It’s easy to drive for results, but if you’re looking to optimize your performance? You’ve got to get analytical.

There are hundreds of digital analytics tools out there. When looking for the right social media tool for your business, you should ask 4 questions:

  • Is it geared towards individuals or enterprises?
  • Does the tool focus on sales, or the effect social has on sales?
  • How do the analyses it provides translate in terms of closed opportunities and top-line growth?
  • How does it integrate into your existing sales team’s workflow?

By finding tools that optimize your team’s performance, you’ll be on your way to more social miles per gallon.

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