by Nathan Egan
on January 14, 2011

Social ROI and the Lowest Hanging Fruit

The expression “the lowest hanging fruit” is something we use pretty often around Freesource.

The idea is simple: focus on the social media activity (singular) that will produce the highest ROI in the shortest amount of time.

Unfortunately most companies have done the opposite. They have spread themselves too thin and are creating too many new processes to manage… none of which they can actually measure hard-dollar ROI.

So there is the question: Where is the lowest hanging fruit for your organization?

The answer will of course vary, but for most businesses and most of our clients – (even ones that classify themselves as B2C) it’s usually your direct sales team. Front line sales is where most of your new revenue comes from right?

So we like to connect sales managers with their buyers and target markets online in a meaningful way. Doing so will help your company generate leads, nurture existing relationships, and ultimately convert the activities in to measureable to sales.

How? Well that varies as well. Group sales managers at hotels will do it differently then account executives at software companies. A crystal company will have a different approach then a company that sells private jet charter – see the trend? It makes sense because every company is unique in what they are selling and how they have traditionally done it.

Use social media to enhance existing processes – NOT CREATE NEW ONES!

So rather than spreading your social media efforts thin, take a moment to find the lowest hanging fruit for your

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