by Nathan Egan
on November 9, 2010

Every company should have social media best practices. Here's one.

Often times when we (Freesource) are educating people on using LinkedIn for their business, we call out or identify best practices.

Of course, best practices exist in everything we do, so it’s no shocker that they exist in our social media activities. It’s even more important, however, to identify best practices related to your companies use of social media and here is why:

  • Individuals are using social media at your company, so it’s not controlled by one person who knows/has learned best practices. Your employees are on Twitter and LinkedIn and they are representing your company – and probably even using the tools in their jobs.
  • Social media is often public facing so people can watch and see what they’re doing, and it leaves a “paper trail”

For anything not public facing – i.e. LinkedIn outreach or research – best practices become even more important.

So here is an example of one such scenario and a best practice:

You’re looking for the VP of Marketing at a target account, let’s say Target > You find them on LinkedIn (here is a VP of Marketing at Target) > You see that you don’t share a mutual connection and there is no other rich relationship to him, so you decide to make your move and call or email the guy since you know who he is and can see that he’s clearly “the guy” you want to talk to. PARTY FOUL.

Here is a best practice:

From his profile, you can click on the company name “Target” and go

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to the Target Company Profile on LinkedIn > Now you’ve landed on some rich relationship data. As it turns out your probably have many second degree connection into Target > Analyze your relationship to the company and see if someone in your network can get you into target – then you can get a read on the VP or Marketing and possibly a referral into the account.

Best Practice for Advanced Users:

Don’t stop there. Click on “Check out Insightful Statistics about Target Employees” > Scroll down and get a snapshot of how you’re connected into Former

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Employees of Target > They may be more candid/open about the prospect.

Due diligence is a beginners best practice when using LinkedIn for sales. You’ll quickly learn that you never know where you’ll uncover a real gem in your prospecting process.

What are some of your social media best practices?

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