by Josh Druck
on October 8, 2012

Social Business Sets the Bar Higher for Lawyers

As it becomes more apparent that social business is far from a trend, more attorneys are looking to their social networks as a source for clients and a real business driver. The Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group hosted an event last Tuesday to offer insight into LinkedIn use for both firms and individual attorneys. Our very own Patrick Baynes spoke alongside JD Supra co-founder Adrian Lürssen, highlighting the true value of LinkedIn in the legal industry and offering some advice to optimize presence and activity.

Patrick shared a few case studies with the audience to emphasize the enormous opportunity LinkedIn holds and outlined various use cases. Lawyers can easily use LinkedIn to connect with their clients and partners, build and maintain relationships, research and meeting preparation, increase their visibility and generate client leads through the use of targeted searches and network expansion.

It’s not only individual lawyers that benefit from LinkedIn optimization, but law firms as a whole. There is no better tool for researching and

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recruiting new talent, cultivating client relationships, exploring new business opportunities, promoting events and distributing content. With information about your firm (and more importantly your competitors) only a Google search away, it is more important than ever to maximize visibility and call attention to a consistent message and brand.

With more than 34,000 law practices and 1.5 million attorneys currently on LinkedIn, law firms can’t afford to not have a presence.

When it comes to LinkedIn, it’s really all about the profile. Patrick stressed the importance of a well-developed profile as the foundation for successful social business. No matter what the undertaking, whether it’s promoting an event or engaging a potential client, traffic will always direct back to the attorney or firm’s page. A thorough profile instills confidence and a sense of brand trust, which makes it the perfect place to start as you get your feet wet in the social business pool.

Adrian also made an excellent point around content distribution: social channels really are the paths to your customers or clients. Content lives on company websites and blogs waiting for a customer to stumble upon it, but why be complacent? With a developed profile as a foundation, effectively sharing content on LinkedIn is a breeze.

With the concept of social business still rapidly growing and changing, there’s no telling what opportunities the future may hold. How will law firms further evolve to capitalize on this movement?

A special thank you to

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the Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group for planning the event and to Duane Morris for hosting.

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