by Josh Druck
on March 13, 2012

Social Business is Here. NOW.

Thanks to a “share” from my LinkedIn network, I recently read a very interesting article from Chief Marketer, highlighting IBM’s jump into social business and social selling.

IBM is often on the forefront of new technologies and business practices so we took notice. In this case they appear to have hit a home run by using social business to increase lead generation through their employees’ social networks. When IBM makes a move, people listen and often follow – so we suspect many more businesses will be quickly adopting a similar strategy.

According to the article, IBM chose to introduce social selling practices via internal videos featuring star sales reps. Additionally, they developed their own strategy for rolling out content through Twitter and LinkedIn. We think this is a clever way to increase internal awareness, educate and introduce content. This also illustrates an important fact about the social business space – there doesn’t appear to be many true, enterprise (B2B) solutions available and designed to help large organizations like IBM to leverage internal resources, expand relationships, and efficiently spread a message. If a good end-to-end solution existed, IBM is well positioned to utilize it.  Instead, they chose to build it themselves.  Or so it appears.

In terms of timing, we think IBM is spot on.

Is this the beginning of “hockey stick growth” for social business?

IBM is in. Gartner thinks so too. What do you think?


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