by Josh Druck
on April 17, 2012

Social Business Defined: You Need a Good Offense

Social Business is a rapidly emerging and evolving term that already means many different things to many different constituencies. As a result there are inconsistencies in how the term is utilized and understood. A recent query for Social Business on the Bloomberg Businessweek website returned articles expressing half a dozen different uses of the term. Even technology focused news sources that focus on emerging segments such as Social Media (“media” implying a consumer application, i.e. B2C) have been unable to effectively demonstrate an authoritative voice or definitive approach to Social Business. Despite the lack of common ground regarding the definition of Social Business, the segment and related solutions are exploding and leading research firms such as Gartner have validated current and future growth potential.

So, is it just too early to define the term Social Business? Is it too vast and complex for a simple definition?

We don’t believe so. Our definition of Social Business is actually quite simple as its been directly shaped by the needs of our customers. Our customers tell us they need Social Business solutions to:

  1. Better communicate their message to sales prospects and prospective hires
  2. Increase the speed and success rate to achieve sales and internal hires
  3. More effectively manage these external and internal relationships

We liken these needs and approach to the “offensive” side of Social Business, which contrasts with monitoring and compliance tools that are also essential but more “defensive.”

An “offense” minded Social Business approach is designed to educate and empower employees to be more effective in their jobs, not just enable their compliance. This offensive approach allows companies using social tools in a B2B setting (again, this is the key difference between social MEDIA and social BUSINESS) to see tangible results and a meaningful ROI.


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