by David DiStefano
on December 1, 2015

Why Selling is a Dialogue + 3 Steps You Can Take Right Now [VIDEO]

High-performing salespeople don’t sell for the sake of selling. They sell their product to provide value, and that’s a true differentiator of a great sales professional.

A common criticism of salespeople is that they do all of the talking. Talking at someone is not the same as talking with someone. The former will only cause you to miss key signals while talking with someone opens up a forum for dialogue. And dialogue is key. In order to provide true value, you have to approach the conversation with the mindset to help them with whatever business roadblocks they are experiencing. You can only do this by asking the right open-ended questions and truly listening to their answers.

As a salesperson, you need to be able to have a dialogue with your customers about their accomplishments, challenges, and goals, and then articulate how your solution helps them achieve it. In this video, I’ll discuss why selling is a dialogue, and how you can provide value for your customers.

To summarize, here are 3 basic steps to sell with dialogue:

  1. Ask questions. Start the conversation with open-ended questions to try to understand what they’re trying to accomplish with their business. Find out about where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow and what they believe they need to get there.
  2. Listen. Really listen to their answers. This allows you to build rapport with your prospect and it will allow you to catch signals on what they really need.
  3. Provide solutions. Do not push your product directly. Mention instead solutions and insights that could answer their problems. The key here is to speak to each of their pain-points that you had picked up on from listening. This further builds trust in you as a salesperson and your company as an industry leader.

Expert tip: If you want to jump into the conversation earlier in the buying process, monitor your Twitter feed using keywords relevant to your business and “listen” for prospects talking about it. Then take the opportunity to engage directly! For best practices, check out our webinar on Sharing and Engaging on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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