by Michael Idinopulos
on November 11, 2015

See You in Philly For Sales 2.0!

When I was at McKinsey, I quickly realized that the most valuable trainings and off-sites weren’t the ones that taught us about industry trends or business strategy or corporate finance.

They were the ones that taught us about leadership.

Next week, Sales 2.0 Leadership Conference comes back to Philadelphia on Monday, Nov. 16, for a full-day event that’s worth your time and attention.

Sales 2.0 is one of the top sales leadership and strategy events of the year, put on by Gerhard Gschwandtner and the Selling Power team. In case you’ve never been to a Sales 2.0 event, here’s what I like about them:

  • Focus on Leadership and Psychology: I attend and blog about most of the major Sales conferences (Forrester, CEB, AA-ISP, Dreamforce). Sales 2.0 stands out for its emphasis on the human side of selling. Many sales conferences spend a ton of time on the “left brain” stuff–sales process, funnel progression, competitive positioning, etc. Sales 2.0 is a uniquely “right brain” conference. Just spend 5 minutes with Gerhard or check out his YouTube channel and count how many times you hear these words: psychology, mindset, attitude, and culture. He takes this stuff seriously, and Sales 2.0 is all about helping Sales leaders use their “right brains” effectively to improve the performance of their teams.
  • Manageable Size: the event will draw roughly 175-200 people, which gives it critical mass without becoming overwhelming. It’s big enough that you’ll get to know interesting people you haven’t met yet. It’s small enough (and the agenda is loose enough) that you’ll have time for meaningful conversations.
  • Focus on Action: A lot of Sales events educate and impress you with mountains of data. The problem with that is that data alone doesn’t tell you what to do. While it may convince you of the need to do something, it doesn’t usually tell you what to do (except maybe panic). I like Sales 2.0 because it’s very concrete. You’ll walk away with specific ideas to try out when you get back to the office.

Lots of great speakers will be in attendance, as well. I won’t pull out the whole speaker list, but here are some of the ones I’m looking forward to:

  • PeopleLinx’s own Chief Revenue Officer (and former Richardson CEO) David DiStefano, talking about how guided selling is transforming skill-building and skill retention.
  • ClearSlide CEO Dustin Grosse talking about selling with digital insight (a subject we know and love here at PeopleLinx.)
  • Sales guru Lori Richardson and ConnectAndSell’s Chad Burmeister talking sales hacks.
  • A roundtable on sales mindsets with LiquidHub’s Suzanne Lentz, TriNet’s John Turner, and others.

Sound interesting? There’s still time to register.

If you make it to Sales 2.0, dress your best. PeopleLinx will bring a professional photographer to take free headshots for your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles!

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