by Josh Druck
on April 24, 2013

Still Growing! Introducing Sean McCarthy, Director of Business Development

As Philly reported a few weeks back, PeopleLinx recently moved into a larger office space to accommodate our growing team. And while our latest new hire, Sean McCarthy, was able to find a seat when he joined the team (unlike COO Kevin O’Nell earlier this week), we’re certainly glad to have the extra room.

Sean is our new Director of Business Development and will be focusing initially on introducing PeopleLinx to the Healthcare market, including pharmaceutical companies,

medical device companies, and hospitals around the country. For the past few years, Sean has been running his own specialty consulting firm specializing in bringing new medical devices to market. Prior to that he spent 15 years in sales and marketing in the medical device field, and was an early employee at Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Intuitive Surgical (the company that introduced the world to robotic surgery), and a specialty cardiac company called AtriCure. Sean has a proven passion for the early-stage environment and the fast-paced growth of new companies, since both Intuitive Surgery and AntriCure began as startups and eventually went public.

I had a chance to sit down with Sean today to learn more about him.

Q&A with Sean McCarthy

Why did you join the PeopleLinx team?

I’ve been hearing about PeopleLinx for quite a while, and it sounded like the type of creative, early-stage company environment that would really get my juices flowing on a daily basis. Also, the product itself is uniquely positioned to leverage the power of social business and capitalize on a need that is currently unmet in the Healthcare industry and beyond. And when I finally met the team here and felt the energy in the office, I knew I wanted to get on the train.

Why is social business important?

It is a different world now. People are able to reach out and connect in ways never before imagined through social technology. It gives us the ability to leverage connections, meet new clients or business partners, and research these same connections quickly and efficiently. Professionals used to think of LinkedIn solely as a resource for finding a new job, but those days are in the past. The savvy professional knows it’s a place to do business, meet new people and customers, maintain and grow existing relationships, and stay current on the latest trends in the marketplace. At the core, this is what social business is all about.

What do you hope to accomplish at PeopleLinx?

I want to position PeopleLinx as the premier social business tool in the Healthcare space and beyond while enabling our clients to reach their business goals. I’ve experienced firsthand how well PeopleLinx works for sales reps, marketing professionals, and HR managers, and I want to make sure our solution is on everyone’s device.

When you’re not at work, what do you do for fun?

Family. I have 4 girls that keep me very busy and when I need to blow off some steam I play ice hockey in the winter and golf in the summer.

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