by Michael Idinopulos
on February 17, 2015

Former Richardson CEO David DiStefano Joins PeopleLinx Team

You’ll notice a new face on our employees page today: David DiStefano, our new CRO.

David is a sales performance rockstar. He spent the last 20+ years of his career at Richardson (for the last 7 years he’s been Richardson’s CEO), which is now one of the top 3 sales training and performance companies worldwide.

Why is this an exciting development? There are some obvious reasons. David is a great sales leader, he brings tremendous expertise, a great social network–all the stuff you would expect a great new CRO to bring.

Those are good things, but they’re not the reason why I’m excited.

I’m excited about David’s arrival at PeopleLinx because I believe it marks a new era in the evolution of social selling technology.

Think about this simple fact: the former CEO of one of the world’s top sales training organizations has joined a tech company focused on social selling. That speaks volumes about where sales performance is, and where it’s going.

Social selling is finding its way into the sales mainstream. At PeopleLinx, we’re out pounding the pavement and preaching the gospel of sales process integration. Social selling is selling, first and foremost, and selling is all about process. I can’t think of anyone better than David DiStefano to speak to that message.

Technology is also playing a more prominent role in sales going forward. Training organizations like Richardson, CEB, and Miller Heiman can work miracles for the effectiveness of sales organizations. But what about a team’s performance one day, one month, one year post-training? That’s where technology shines. Tools like PeopleLinx nudge, cajole, prompt, remind, personalize, recognize, measure, predict, report, in ways that help translate the training skills into enduring habits.

David unites those two worlds. He understands sales training as few others do, and at PeopleLinx he’s joining it up with the technology.

When the PeopleLinx team first met David at Richardson’s Client Forum, it was clear from the word “Go” that we share a deep conviction that the sales performance recipe has multiple ingredients. It requires leadership and process and training and tools and metrics.

David brings all of those things to PeopleLinx. More important, his thoughtfulness and energy are already helping us bring all those ingredients to customers.

Welcome Dave!



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