by Amaya Capellan
on April 22, 2016

PeopleLinx Product Update: Enhancements to social sharing & Salesforce integration

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been about a month since our last release. With Q2 just begun, we’ve already had a slew of new features released but wanted to highlight our two favorites:

Network-specific statuses including support for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Xing.

product update 1

So many of our clients made this request so we’re excited to officially announce this feature! Admins are now able to create statuses targeted to one or multiple social networks. This will allow you to craft Twitter-specific statuses loaded with hashtags and @mentions to make those tweets get noticed by the right audience. If admins don’t include a status, the article title will be provided as the default status text.

product update 2

Interface to allow Client Admins to set up Salesforce integration via Cloud Elements (no Salesforce install required).

product update 3

We cannot stress enough how big of a deal this really is. Clients will now be able to get Salesforce data flowing for all their reps on PeopleLinx in just 2 easy steps. A client with Salesforce Admin access can (1) login with their credentials and (2) configure key CRM fields to help PeopleLinx understand your sales process. Your reps will be able to immediately take action on deal-specific recommendations driven by your CRM data. Note: The panel that appears on the Opportunity page in Salesforce will require an additional step and an installation of our PeopleLinx package in Salesforce.

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.