by Josh Druck
on June 20, 2014

PeopleLinx Now Integrates with Salesforce!

PeopleLinx now integrates with Salesforce which, to quote Vice-President Joe Biden, is a big (expletive) deal.

All the data shows that companies sell more when their employees leverage their social networks to market and sell. But companies are holding themselves back because social isn’t integrated into their sales tools and processes. The traditional sales process–from outbounding to qualifying to pitching to closing–isn’t geared to social. Salespeople use social networks despite their sales process, not because of it.

Our Salesforce integration changes that.

By integrating with Salesforce, PeopleLinx is helping companies bridge the gap between CRM and social. In most companies, Salesforce is Grand Central Station for sales tools and process. Rather than giving sales teams yet another destination, we’re bringing all the social goodness of PeopleLinx right into Salesforce.

Integrating PeopleLinx into Salesforce boosts adoption of  both tools. It makes PeopleLinx easily accessible to reps who are already using Salesforce. It also gives Sales Managers another way to encourage their teams to log their activity in Salesforce.

Here’s what Comcast Business SVP of Sales, Terry Connell, says about it: “Social selling is a priority for our sales team and integrating it with is table stakes for us. It helps make social selling part of their daily sales activities.”

The PeopleLinx-Salesforce integration has three major features:

      • Social Selling Training, Guidance, and Best Practices – PeopleLinx guides Salesforce users to optimize their social profiles for social selling. PeopleLinx can also recommend best practices for Salesforce, such as configuring Chatter or email integration. Recommendations are customizable for each enterprise’s objectives.
      • Content Distribution – Within Salesforce, salespeople can use PeopleLinx to promote company blogs, infographics, white papers, and webinars to their social networks.
      • Social Analytics and Gamification – PeopleLinx provides intelligence on employee participation in social selling. Managers can look at analytics on employee social reach, content sharing and more. Leaderboards let your employees compete with one another for bragging rights.

By combining PeopleLinx and Salesforce, you’re getting a really powerful tool. You can now monitor opportunities, collaborate from anywhere (Salesforce), all while empowering employees to generate more leads faster (PeopleLinx). We’re making social a standard part of the prospecting and selling process.

Now that’s a seriously powerful combination!

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.