by Josh Druck
on August 22, 2013

PeopleLinx and LexisNexis® InterAction® Announce Strategic Alliance

This week, I had the honor of sharing the podium at ILTA with LexisNexis executives Michael Lipps and James Paterson to announce a new alliance between PeopleLinx and LexisNexis InterAction. Together, the two companies will help some of the world’s largest law firms train, enable, and measure their professionals on LinkedIn.

It’s a great fit, because InterAction and PeopleLinx share a common passion for the power of relationships. As James so eloquently put it in our session: “The most important letter in CRM is ‘R’.”

LexisNexis InterAction has almost single-handedly defined how law firms manage client relationships. The PeopleLinx alliance takes that to the next level by helping firms empower their attorneys and business development professionals on LinkedIn.

“There’s been a seismic shift in the legal industry in recent years,” Krista Fuller, who runs strategic alliances for the InterAction business, told me Wednesday. “Business development takes place not only within the confines of the corporate website and communications, but also on social networks like LinkedIn. Through this agreement with PeopleLinx, we’re helping attorneys take the lead and drive relationship-building through this important channel.”

The expertise and support from LexisNexis will help PeopleLinx further scale within the legal industry. PeopleLinx clients inside and outside the legal industry will benefit from this relationship through insights and content from LexisNexis that will be available to them through the PeopleLinx platform.

I couldn’t be more excited about this new relationship!

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.