by Michael Idinopulos
on August 12, 2014

PeopleLinx 3 is Bold, Beautiful, and Bridging the Gap between Social and Sales

It’s an exciting day for PeopleLinx, and for sales teams everywhere. Today we announced the launch of PeopleLinx 3, the latest and greatest version of our award-winning social selling platform.

This new version highlights our evolution from a LinkedIn-focused training product to a comprehensive social selling solution. It integrates with multiple social networks. It bridges the gap between social and CRM. It lets sales reps and managers manage social as part of an integrated sales process.

Best of all, PeopleLinx 3 is gorgeous. It’s easy on the eyes and fun to use.

If you want to see more, check out our new website, or contact us for a demo.

Here are a few of the things you can look forward to:

Employee Branding

PeopleLinx 3 makes it easy for employees to build compelling personal brands, form relevant networks and distribute thought leadership on social networks. Companies can help their employees navigate a broad range of social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Administrative controls enable customization of social tasks and content by company, geography, function, team and role.

Social Timeline

Ironically, using social networks at work has been a lonely experience. PeopleLinx 3 changes that. Our new Timeline shows employees what their colleagues are doing, within teams and across the company. That creates a healthy social dynamic, and encourages employees to replicate the successes of their peers.

Sales “To-Do” Lists

Sales leaders can now guide team members to take action in other core systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) or finance systems. Sales leaders can create team-specific sales checklists, which prompt team members to take actions that save time, reduce frustration and improve team performance.

Fitbit for Social Selling

Each team member now has a personal analytics dashboard and timeline. The analytics dashboard shows employees the clickthroughs and engagement generated by the content they’ve shared. Just as Fitbit helps weekend warriors pull their performance up to elite levels, PeopleLinx 3 helps all your employees tune their social selling “workout” to professional levels.

Easy adoption

PeopleLinx 3 looks and feels more like a consumer app than an enterprise sales tool. It’s beautiful, smooth and intuitive. Automated alerts let employees know when it’s time to take action. The result? High adoption, happy employees, and business metrics that trend up and to the right.

In honor of PeopleLinx 3, we’ve also launched a whole new website with a refreshed corporate brand. It’s our way of celebrating the fact that this is a whole new era for PeopleLinx, our customers, and for social selling.

Let’s go sell together!

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.