by Nathan Egan
on September 16, 2010

LIONs: A dying breed?

Not too long ago, but in a land far, far away you could hear the mighty roar of LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers). These are professionals on LinkedIn that connect to everyone, and anyone.

Why would someone do such a thing?

The answer will vary… It could be for access into the LinkedIn network, not knowing any better, a “my network is bigger than yours” syndrome, who knows for sure.  Some LIONS probably see real value in this type of behavior – they probably make meaningful connections, help other professionals, etc. – it may even earn them “influencer” like status on LinkedIn.

Where are the LIONs going?

The king of the jungle isn’t extinct, but relative to the size of the jungle, LIONs could be endangered.

Today, LinkedIn has about 80 million very real professional members, and is growing at an accelerating rate of about 1 million members every 10 days. And to the new LinkedIn user (the general professional), connecting with anyone and everyone just isn’t normal behavior online, or offline.

In a community this size, it seems the once mighty LIONs are becoming lost in a jungle of much smaller, real professional networks.

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