by Kevin O'Nell
on March 16, 2016

Linking employee advocacy and CRM for social selling success

Employee advocacy is the new normal for B2B companies looking to digitally amplify their brand. This branding strategy leverages your employees to share existing content, insight, and resources across their personal social media profiles.

Now your employees are sharing content on social networks. So you can stop here, right? Not quite.

Content-sharing at the employee level is essential for brand awareness. But if you’re not capitalizing on how employee advocacy integrates with social selling and your CRM data to grow your business, you’re missing out.

Employee advocacy does more than help spread the word about the great things your organization is doing. It improves marketing and sales alignment and taps into sales to drive revenue. When it comes to sales, though, many employee advocacy programs only focus on its implications at the top of the sales funnel, where brand amplification is the priority.

In a recent report by Altimeter Group, more than half of the companies surveyed said they primarily use employee advocacy to increase the reach of company messages. By comparison, only 38% recognized the potential of employee advocacy as an influencer in driving revenue.


employee advocacy

Employee advocacy and social selling are closely connected, and their benefits reach deep into the funnel from lead generation to pipeline acceleration and ultimately, deal conversion. Along the way, employee advocacy can unify sales and marketing by developing a library of carefully curated content salespeople will use to become thought leaders and trusted advisors to their buyers.

Though for many organizations employee advocacy is a high-level company-wide brand initiative, it won’t be long until B2B sales organizations are embracing it as a reliable strategy for driving business.

Combined with social engagement and using the data from your CRM like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, employee advocacy has the potential to grow your brand, your ROI, and your revenue all at once.

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