by Josh Druck
on May 28, 2013

Always Be Connecting: Surefire LinkedIn Lead-Gen Tips

We all remember the scene: Alec Baldwin’s blistering, expletive-laden monologue to a team of tired sales reps demanding that they Always Be Closing, followed by lots of whining about weak leads and ineffective tools.

Like you, I want the Glengarry leads. We all do. But the 80s are over. As a sales professional in a social selling world, you shouldn’t be sitting around waiting to be handed a pile of hot leads. Instead, you should be incorporating a second set of ABCs into your daily workflow: Always Be Connecting.

Here’s how I did it.

I’m an inside sales rep at PeopleLinx and I’m always looking for every opportunity to reach new prospects. In that spirit, I wanted to see if incorporating a more “traditional” approach into my social selling repertoire would yield additional wins. So, I purchased a subscription to a database/lead-generation service to generate new call lists. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

When I reviewed the exported call list in Excel, the first thing I did was look up their names on LinkedIn. I wanted to know more about the targets I was calling. Maybe we knew someone in common? Maybe we went to the same school? Or maybe there was some piece of specific information on their LinkedIn profile that I could use to get their attention on the call. This has always been my instinct as a sales rep – I try to find more information about my targets, and LinkedIn is the best way to do this.

Here’s the problem – the names we received were either not on LinkedIn, not the right contact (I asked for marketing, they gave me operations/IT), or no longer worked at that company. This forced me to start over. I took the company list and went to LinkedIn and found the correct prospects using Boolean searches.

So if you’ve got the Lead-Gen Blues, check out LinkedIn! I found my targets’ current company, title, and even detailed job descriptions on LinkedIn in real time, which I couldn’t find

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through any other source. And LinkedIn is also the only place that I can see if my target went to my alma mater or that they know my old buddy Joe at XYZ corp. Now THAT is valuable information to me. In an insanely competitive market, where I’m trying to differentiate my company from the noise of cold calls these executives are getting on a daily basis, competitive intelligence is everything.

LinkedIn has given me what I need to cover ALL of my sales ABCs.

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