by Josh Druck
on June 5, 2013

Outbound Recruiting Using LinkedIn’s Alumni Tool

Recruiting has been a top priority for PeopleLinx in the several months since closing our Series A funding. In fact, we’ve nearly tripled our staff since the end of March; as you can imagine, finding and hiring the right candidates to support our clients and move our business forward has been one of our biggest and most exciting challenges.

Recruiting while bootstrapped was an invaluable experience, requiring us to find smart and creative ways to build our team. We’ve maintained that same culture of creativity in our hiring to this day. Why? Because we found the team members then who have built our company into what it is today, and we

did it all using LinkedIn. And I’m not even talking about the relatively cheap job postings ($295 for a 30-day post). To illustrate my point, I’d like to briefly share how we added two of our newest team members – Lael Hoegen and Colleen Tormey – to our growing Social Business Specialist Team.

When we decide to hire, we focus our efforts on a LinkedIn job post, updating our careers page on the website, and personal networking and referrals. As I combed through the many applications we received from our LinkedIn job posting, I realized that not all of the candidates fit the exact requirements I was looking for. While we received resumes from many accomplished professionals, I was looking for few unique qualities that I just wasn’t finding.

I decided to spend my time going outbound on LinkedIn. Specifically, based on past success, I targeted my alma mater, Villanova University. Using LinkedIn’s Alumni tool I narrowed my search to graduating seniors and recent graduates. All I had to do then was review the profiles of people that I knew I could get a response from, or get introduced to through a connection.

I reached out to a large number

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of students and within three weeks had held countless phone and in-person interviews before inviting a smaller group back for another interview. We ended up hiring two very impressive graduates from Villanova’s Class of 2013 and we did it for free, in a fraction of the time, and with added confidence that these new hires will outperform our expectations due to their interest in PeopleLinx and connection to the numerous other Villanova alumni that are connected to PeopleLinx.

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.