by Nathan Egan
on July 6, 2010

Is this a game-changer for LinkedIn?

Last week, we wrote how a single LinkedIn status update received more than 3,000 comments. While “going viral” is a common occurrence on Twitter or YouTube, this is new territory on LinkedIn. You may be wondering how this could happen. After all, if you only have 150 connections, how can you score 3,000 comments?

The answer lies in a change to LinkedIn’s format that now allows people to comment on your status from various places on the platform — even if they are not directly connected to you.

For example, if I now comment on a status of a friend, this is recorded for all of my contacts to see. Any of those contacts can now comment on that update … and if they comment, then their professional connections can comment, and so on and so on.

This is an important and significant change for LinkedIn that provides more “stickiness” to their site but also more opportunities to connect and

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learn from potential new professional connections.

In the past week we’ve observed several “copycat” updates trying to take advantage of this new capability so the idea is catching on. And while viral for the sake of viral is only mildly interesting, there is no reason you couldn’t promote content, videos and contests to LinkedIn’s audience even if you have a relatively small number followers.

We consider this a game-changer in the space. For example, a resort could easily promote “comment or like to be entered to win a dream-vacation” – then BAM, it goes viral and their sales reps are set for the traffic and sure-to-follow inbound leads.

This seems like a win-win to us and could propel a whole new level of targeted marketing efforts through LinkedIn.

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