by Euney Kim
on November 20, 2015

How to Mobilize Your Sales Team on Social Step 6: Set up a Successful Content Sharing Program With These 3 Tips

Sixth in a 10-part series. Sharing quality content on social networks is one of the most effective ways for Salespeople to engage buyers. It positions you as a resource for reliable and relevant information. It opens up opportunities for conversations and relationships. Encourage your sales reps to share on social media by making it super-easy for them. Once they’ve cleaned up their profiles, remove all the barriers to social content sharing.

Here’s 3 tips on setting up a successful content sharing initiative:

  • Curate valuable content. Salespeople don’t have time to go looking for interesting, insightful content. Put together a mix of your own company’s content, partner content, and third party experts who support your company’s value propositions.
  • Manage approvals for them. The last thing a rep wants is to get called onto the carpet for sharing the wrong content. Make sure your curated content is pre-approved by Marketing, Communications, and/or Legal so that your reps can share with confidence.
  • Ping reps when it’s time to share. Instead of the rep coming to the content, have the content come to the rep. Send them notifications when there’s new content to share and make it super-easy for them to complete the sharing action.

Expert Tip: Content isn’t a one-and-done thing. Maintain a steady flow of high-quality, company-approved content going forward.

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