by Josh Druck
on July 16, 2013

Here’s a Problem Every Marketer Has Experienced. And a Proven Solution.

It’s a common situation in every marketing department. You have a great piece of content, you email it to all employees and ask them to share it on LinkedIn, and then…what happens next? Once it leaves your hands you’re pretty much totally in the dark, unsure if your message was communicated effectively or what your results look like.

PeopleLinx has a solution.

Today, we announced the launch of PeopleLinx Share, a brand-new feature that makes sharing through LinkedIn both scalable and measurable for organizations and their employees.

The new, improved you…

PeopleLinx Share has been in beta for a few weeks and the results are promising: every piece of content shared through this new tool has received 16 clicks on average. Not bad considering the average LinkedIn user has 150 connections (11% clickthrough rate), and that industry benchmarks for clickthrough rates on display advertising is well below 1%. Multiply that number by the number of employees in your organization, each time they share content, and you can see how your reach grows.

Here’s the nitty-gritty on how it works:

Easy to find and share content: Employees have a one-stop shop for

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relevant content that they can share through LinkedIn. They no longer have to search online for articles to share or comment on. Account administrators can provide a set of pre-approved status updates that their employees can select from when sharing content, or they can choose to allow employees to input a custom status update.

Scheduling: It can be difficult to carve time out of every day to share content on LinkedIn. And what about those times you and your employees are taking a much-needed vacation? PeopleLinx Share allows employees to schedule their shares far in advance so that LinkedIn is working for them 24/7. Plus, you can experiment with getting your content to go viral by having all of your employees share similar updates at the same time.

Pre-approved content: Employees can feel confident that the content they are sharing through PeopleLinx Share meets regulatory and brand guidelines, since administrators have the ability to control which teams in their organization receive the content, when, and how soon it will expire.

Extended reach: Company-generated content gets a second life through PeopleLinx Share. Assets that are quickly lost in an expanding inbox or forgotten about on an intranet stay evergreen and ready to be shared.

Deep analytics: Employees receive analytics around their shares, including clicks, likes, and comments. This allows them to see what’s working and what’s falling flat when sharing content with their LinkedIn networks. Account administrators receive even more robust analytics, including aggregate performance across all employees as well as performance at the individual user level.

If you would like to see a demo of PeopleLinx Share, I’d be more than happy to set up a time to show you this new tool in action! Just leave me a reply.

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.