by Nathan Egan
on August 30, 2010

Getting more bang out of your blog posts

Blog posts are like Swiss Army knives.  They can be ever so useful in many situations!

Yet many people overlook the inherent value in re-purposing or re-using valuable blog posts. You’ve already invested the time and money in the content, not how about getting more bang for your buck?  Here are some other ways you can use the content you’ve already created:

LinkedIn Groups — Participating in the Q&A on LinkedIn Groups is a great way to make professional connections. One idea is to use links to previous blog posts to answer related questions. This helps people and also delivers new readers to your blog.

eBook and real books — Collect blog posts and create value-adding eBooks or perhaps even a published book.

Sales Collateral — Why not curate how-to posts as product guides to be used as a selling tool?

Guest posts — An older post can receive new life and reach a whole new group of readers as a guest post on another blog. Also great way to build connections with important industry bloggers!

Reference guide —  Use blog links to add to the comment section on other blogs. As long as it is not too “salesy” people often appreciate the depth a link can add to a discussion.

eNewsletters — Your newsletters should write themselves with the great content available from your blog. Expose a summary of the article and encourage reader to click to visit your blog for the whole story.

Slideshare — Embed blog posts as suggested further reading on Slideshare presentations to drive people to your site.

Internal links — When you write new posts, link readers to relevant content from older articles.

Make posts part of the communication culture — Encourage your sales and marketing people to use links to company blog posts to answer customer questions, in promotional materials and in correspondence.

How do you re-use blog posts? Any ideas to share?

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