by Euney Kim
on September 10, 2015

DF ’15: Share the Dream

Dreamforce is next week. What will you get out of it?

Dreamforce isn’t a spectator sport. You don’t just show up, sit down, and shut up.

Dreamforce is about getting out of your chair–both physically and digitally–and networking. Savvy attendees seem to be everywhere at once. They’re spotting game-changing technologies on the Expo floor, live-tweeting sessions to the #DF15 hashtag, connecting to new prospects on LinkedIn.

Our ShareTheDream™ app makes it easy.

Using the award-winning PeopleLinx platform, we built a brand-new ShareTheDream™ app just for DF ’15 to help you become the conference attendee everyone’s buzzing about. You’ll be prompted to take all the right social actions at all the important times throughout the four-day event.

When it comes to leveraging your social media presence at conferences like Dreamforce, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Follow trending, Dreamforce-related hashtags. Stay on top of the trending discussion topics on social media so you can get engaged and show your expertise. Answer questions and share your insight. This is an easy way to expand your personal or business’s social presence and be considered a relevant, top-of-mind influencer.
  2. Live tweet sessions. With over 1400 exciting speaking sessions to see, live tweeting is a great way to be in multiple places at once. Done tactfully, live tweeting a session or experience is a great way to share information, engage attendees, and target your niche industry presence at DF ’15.
  3. Share current articles. Whether you’re blogging from the conference or just catching up on your daily dose of industry news, remember to keep sharing content to your network. Chances are you’ll be racking up followers throughout the week, so keep them engaged and interested in what you have to say.
  4. Follow influencers. Industry leaders abound at DF ’15. Follow them on social media for an insider look into the best parts of the conference as they share highlights from their speaking sessions, exclusives at their company booths, and more. Staying current with the influencers can help you sift through the DF madness and land you an opportunity to connect in person.
  5. Remind your network to share their thoughts and follow you. Your network should be a part of the DF ’15 experience with you, whether live in San Francisco or engaging digitally. Remind them to follow you to stay up-to-date and offer insight.

But most importantly, have fun. How often will you be in the same place with so many people and companies you interact with regularly on social? Take pictures with clients, prospects, and fellow colleagues to boost your engagement and drive people to you in person during the conference. Everyone loves a good #selfie!

It’s easy to get swept into the chaos of a major conference like Dreamforce, so PeopleLinx is here to help you make the most of the experience on social. Contact us for access to the app, and get ready to Share The Dream.

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