by Josh Druck
on August 7, 2013

Cozen O’Connor Wins the Case on LinkedIn

The new landscape for lawyers

Cozen O’Connor Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Haas knew the firm’s attorneys needed help with LinkedIn.

Cozen O’Connor had built a sterling reputation as one of the nation’s top law firms, with over 1,200 employees in 23 offices. That reputation was built over 40 years on hard work and an unwavering commitment to clients.

But the world has changed. Cozen O’Connor’s clients and prospective clients are increasingly using LinkedIn to stay connected and to inform decisions about which firms to engage. A recent GreenTarget survey found that 67% of lawyers use LinkedIn weekly, and 40% use it daily. According to GreenTarget’s CEO John Corey, “If there were one tool that law firms were going to invest in it would have to be LinkedIn because there are more lawyers there than anywhere else.”

As CMO, Haas recognized that Cozen O’Connor’s LinkedIn presence did not convey the firm’s excellence or reinforce its brand message. Most partners did not have a presence on LinkedIn at all. Many attorneys did not have profile pictures. Individual profiles did not display the attorneys’ academic credentials. Significantly, the firm’s wealth of practical experience, a key driver of the firm’s reputation, was frequently missing.

Moving the partnership to action

Enhancing Cozen O’Connor’s presence on LinkedIn would be a challenge. Lawyers need to update their profiles—a difficult request given the client demands on those busy professionals. Speaking with the firm’s attorneys, Haas also realized that lawyers didn’t know where to start, or what was required in order to present an effective profile to clients and prospective clients.

Cozen O’Connor engaged PeopleLinx to implement a program that would motivate the firm’s lawyers to participate, while taking minimal time away from valuable billable hours.Optimizing LinkedIn Profile

PeopleLinx social business experts met with key stakeholders to define a set of standards for Cozen O’Connor profiles on LinkedIn. Working from the firm’s business and marketing objectives, the group agreed on consistent fields, values, links, and other norms which would constitute an effective employee profile.

Partners, associates, and other professionals received technology and hands-on training to upgrade their profiles to the firm’s new standards. Some participants chose self-service, using PeopleLinx’s online tools to update their profiles. Others took advantage of hands-on training to bring their profiles into line with the firm’s best practice.

Each lawyer received a “PeopleLinx score” reflecting the individual’s overall progress both absolutely and relative to benchmarks. By making further improvements to their LinkedIn profiles, lawyers saw their scores improve in real time.

Dramatic business results

Using PeopleLinx’s analytics module, the Cozen O’Connor watched in real time as the firm’s professionals improved their LinkedIn profiles. The data told a tangible, quantifiable story about the program’s impact:

  • Improved User Profiles: Two-thirds of Cozen O’Connor professionals have professional pictures on their LinkedIn profiles. 95% now link back to the approved firm URL, a key enabler of search engine optimization (SEO). Almost two-thirds use the recommended description of the Firm.
  • Key Account Growth: The firm increased its connectivity to key accounts on LinkedIn by 66%, and increased their connections to target job roles by an average of 68%. Cozen O’Connor also increased their presence in LinkedIn Groups within their target industries by an average of 81%.
  • Average Score Improvement: Cozen O’Connor experienced a 23% increase in their PeopleLinx Score, which is a benchmark of the firm’s progression through the customized tasks and activities aligned with best practices and the specific business goals.

Howard Schweitzer“PeopleLinx is essential for optimizing your profile so that people can understand what you do and feel good about doing business with you. Working with PeopleLinx is time well spent.”

– Howard Schweitzer, Partner at Cozen O’Connor

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