by Josh Druck
on December 6, 2011

Content Marketing is Internet Pollution


Try to wrap your head around this scenario: you are at a trade show and you’ve just met a new prospect. The first thing you say to them is:


“Let me tell you how great I am…”


You would never

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do that right?


Unfortunately, you are doing exactly that on the web. All over it, all the time. Talking about yourself and polluting the once pristine web with your me-me-me content.


It isn’t your fault, the algorithms and “gurus” of the social web are encouraging you to do so. And the worst part is that your key stroke emissions are making it harder and harder for people like me (your key constituency of customers and prospects, etc) to find content of value.


Still don’t think you’re doing this? Go double check – you may not realize how you or your employees are showing up. Go scrutinize your last 40 or 50 status updates and re-read your various social “profiles” AS IF YOU WERE SOMEONE ELSE (like a potential customer).


Is that person (you) boring, irrelevant, or arrogant? Would you be interested in your own tweets or would you “unfollow” yourself because you basically update self-serving crap every 35 minutes.


Don’t get it twisted, social is an incredibly powerful distribution channel for content.


There is just one catch. To be effective and differentiate yourself in

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the expanding digital landfill we call the Internet, your message should be delivered the same way online as you would deliver it in person: strategically.


We could go on and on, you need to be “authentic” too (which basically means if you are a prick in the real-world, you have permission to be prick online as well)…


And the bottom line is this: PLEASE STOP LITTERING. If your LinkedIn profile requires killing a tree to print it out, it is way way too long (TMI). Put your trash in the trash before you hit the share button.


Back in the day, creating content for an audience was a “right” that you earned (or purchased). Today, for better or for worse – everyone has a right to broadcast their content. Content is king? We don’t think so. Great content is king and only if delivered in a meaningful way.


*Disclaimer: My name is Michael Best so technically I can say I am the Best when I meet people for the first time.
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