by Josh Druck
on May 8, 2013

Big Things Are Happening in NYC Tomorrow: The Social Business Roundtable Comes to Town!

PeopleLinx is in high gear preparing for tomorrow’s Social Business Roundtable. However, I thought it would be valuable to take a moment to reflect on the powerful implication that this event has on how we all do our jobs on a daily basis.

Just a few years ago, marketers were asking themselves, “how can I use social media to get my message in front of customers and prospects?” A statement like that has little place in today’s business environment for a few reasons. Firstly, the term “social media” is limiting and does not portray what’s really happening. It’s not about media, but about the tools and technology that enable better communication in a social marketplace. Secondly, simply “pushing” a message is old-school at best, and potentially alienating to customers who have come to expect more from the brands that they trust and interact with. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, marketers are no longer the only professionals thinking about questions like these.  No longer are 10% of employees at an organization performing 90% of its social networking. Instead, participation is happening across the enterprise to support goals in sales, marketing, HR, and more.

Tomorrow’s event is a significant milestone showing just how far we’ve come with social business. With major players like Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Pitney Bowes, Experian, Prudential, JD Supra, Dell, Social Media Group, and the NPD Group speaking and participating on panels, it’s apparent that some of the largest organizations already recognize how important social business is. The nearly 100 attendees representing some of the brightest minds in their industry are an equally impressive part of tomorrow’s equation, and we’re proud to be hosting an event that will help to further the conversation on social business.

Join Us Tomorrow – Virtually (#SBRT13)

Speakers, attendees, and the PeopleLinx team will be tweeting live from the event from 11:30AM – 3PM EST. You’re invited to take part in the excitement by using hashtag #SBRT13. Gain helpful insights on social business from the event, and ask questions you’d like to have the speakers and panelists answer (I’ll be monitoring the stream). We’re looking forward to having you in “attendance.”

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