by Josh Druck
on January 15, 2015

Richardson Names PeopleLinx Best Social Selling Tool

And the Richy goes to…PeopleLinx!

I’m overjoyed to announce that PeopleLinx has been recognized by one of the top sales training companies in the world, Richardson, as one of the best Social Selling tools out there. And they’ve given us an award: a Richy!

Richardson’s Richy award recognizes “cool, innovative, and standout products that make an impact on improving sales effectiveness and efficiency.” Here’s what Richardson said about why they gave the Richy to PeopleLinx:

At Richardson, we test drive a lot of sales support and enablement tools; and, as a leader in sales training and performance improvement, we know a winner when we see one…PeopleLinx really is social selling made easy!

Social Selling in the Enterprise.

This award is really special for PeopleLinx.

Of course, we celebrate whenever we win an award–whether it’s from Richardson, Gartner, or anyone else.

But recognition from Richardson is special because Richardson knows sales process and methodology like no one else does.

Social selling is a hot buzzword these days. The blogosphere is full of pundits and vendors offering to help sales reps use LinkedIn, Twitter, and other networks for selling.

PeopleLinx has taken a different approach. While others offer tips and tricks to the individual salesperson, PeopleLinx focuses on the sales organization. We think social selling happens when it’s integrated into sales process and metrics. Rather than leave social selling up to chance, sales leaders should enable their teams to sell on social–scalably, reliably, and measurably.

In short, we see social selling as an organizational imperative.

Richardson’s recognition of PeopleLinx is a stamp of approval and validation from a company that really, really, really knows sales organizations and sales enablement. Richardson is all about sales effectiveness in the enterprise. They work with the largest companies on the planet to improve sales effectiveness.

An award from them means a lot.

Some people say that enterprise sales reps aren’t ready for social selling–that they hate change, that they’re addicted to cold-calling, that social selling is an “early adopter” phenomenon.

We think those people are underestimating enterprise sales teams.

We believe that within the next 5 years, B2B sales leaders will expect–even demand–that all of their sales teams use social networks day-in-day-out to cultivate relationships with buyers. Social networks will become as common and indispensable to the sales toolkit as email and cell phone. Enterprise salespeople won’t even remember how they did business without LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Richardson’s decision to recognize PeopleLinx with the prestigious Richy award tells me we’re on the right track.

Thanks Richardson! 

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.